FORMER Oil worker will teach you what the energy companies do NOT want you to know

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I went from a Oil supervisor to a solar advocate. Not for money. But because it is the way of the future for our children and our grandchildren. I can save you tens of thousands of dollars on future electric bills, increase your homes value as we help protect the environment. I couldn't ask for a better job.

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Short video to help you understand how ZERO down solar works solar king

Federal Government is giving you a 30%tax credit back when you buy solar.  100% FREE estimate at     Solar King Michigan

I educate homeowners in Michigan on how to save money.


Navy Veteran with a Bronze Star 

When I decided I wanted to sell Solar in Michigan. I did my research looking for the best company. I needed to know that he stood by his warranties. I checked reviews and I interviewed Don King. I work for Don and Solar King because they are the best company in Michigan for ethics, honesty, quality of products and the longest warranties. 


Don King is the owner of Solar King. He is a great boss and he cares about his employees, customer service, quality and ethics as much as I do. 


Don king worked in Michigan selling solar for many years before he started his company Solar King 11 years ago. 

Don is an EXPERT in installing solar systems right the first time.


 We leave your Garage and work areas clean when we leave. Customers say its cleaner after the install than it was before. 


We take pride in our work. We leave your Garage and work areas clean when we leave.


 10KW system. In Grand Rapids. solar king michigan

Process of installing Solar


We use the highest quality rail/roof connectors in the industry. We buy the BEST!


This is the rail connector.


This is the heavy duty screw that is inserted into your roof joist.


Before the screw is inserted into the joist. We use the best Solar Seal Roof Sealant on the market.  


This method does not allow any water to penetrate over the years.


The connector is under your shingle. Rail is connected with heavy duty nut.  

We use American made products and panels.


 Top of the line Power Optimizer.


 String of Top of the line Power Optimizer's. 


Wires are connected to the Solar panels. 


  We use heavy duty bolts. Before tightened.


  We use heavy duty bolts. After tightened.  


Panels are attached to the rails. With 4 heavy duty bolts.  

Solar King means QUALITY


  Maximize your solar investment with proven, American-made quality, reliability and durability—the best solar panels made right here in the USA, installed by experienced technicians with decades of experience.  



Solar King will do all the heavy lifting, literally and figuratively. Not only will we install the panels and backup systems is selected, but we will also submit all of the utility and government forms required for ensuring maximum savings, rebates, and utility buy back.


  Solar panels are not an expense they are a tangible investment. You will save on utilities and instantly increase the value of your property. For every dollar you invest you will save 300%+ in rising electric costs over the next 20 to 30 years! Click here to use our Solar Savings Calculator and find out how much you could save. 



We install the best American made solar panels energy storage solutions. Working with proven products allows us to meet our customer’s exact needs. Solar King will install Solar Panels to reduce energy costs or provide a turnkey solution providing automated energy storage and ensuring your property never has an outage. 

Battery backup is not necessary in Michigan. 

With Net metering you can 

have Solar energy YEAR ROUND and eliminate your electric bill.

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FAQ - Going solar opens the door to a lot of questions. 

Solar King in Michigan. Salesman John bolenbaugh. X oil supervisor turned into a solar advocate.

Q.) Why install solar?

 A.) Installing Solar is good for the environment, and it is a good long term investment. You have 2 choices, pay for your electricity every month for the rest of your life or install solar today and reduce or eliminate your electric bill for the next 40+ years. This is a long-term investment that will pay itself back in 6-10 years. In the future you would not have a solar bill or a electric bill after the system pays for itself. We divert your expensive electric bill that your forced to pay each month to a lower solar system bill. We increase your homes value 5 to 10% as you save money. LOTS OF MONEY!!!

Q.) Will Solar work in Michigan because batteries wont charge during a massive snow fall.

A.) With NET Metering a homeowner does not need to buy expensive batteries. Net Metering allows the electric companies to be your battery system year round. 

Net Energy Metering Definition: A practice in which utility companies credit you for the excess electricity generated by your solar panels. You can then draw upon these credits at night or during massive snow cover when your panels don’t produce enough electricity to match your daily use. Goal is for your system to fulfill 100% of your yearly use. Which would eliminate your electric bill except for a very small hook up charge. 

Q.) How does solar power work?

 A.) The Sun’s energy is converted to grid quality electricity that will power your entire home or business including all major appliances or machinery. 

Q.) Is Michigan’s weather good for solar power production?

 A.) Although Michigan does not get as much sun as Southern California, our ambient temperatures are perfect for maximum electric production. Panels are rated and tested at 77 degrees or STC(Standard Test Conditions).  Panels will produce more power when they are cooler than when they are overheated such as Southern California.  Hotter climates limit the amount of solar power that panels can produce. 

Q.) Can I generate electricity that the utility company will buy back?

 A.) Yes, excess power generated from your solar array will get pushed back to your Utility Company’s grid for full retail credit.

Q.) Are there any incentives available?

 A.) YES, there is a 30% full Federal Tax Credit available that you can take advantage when you file your taxes next year. solar king michigan

Q.) Where is the best location to install solar panels on my property?

 A.) You can install solar during any month of the year.  Spring and Fall are good times because the shingles are not too hot to walk on and will reduce any damage that could occur.  The solar production curve starts to accelerate in early Spring because of the cooler days and falls off in the winter months.  So, ideally, you should install in November or December and take advantage of your 30% Tax Credit in February or March of next year! 

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